Wednesday, April 1, 2009

16 Random Things...

This post is an attempt to say a lot and yet reveal nothing... I hope it makes sense.

1. I don't like to cook but I do it anyway.

2. When around 9yrs of age, my dad compelled me to regularly read Shakepeare. I enjoyed the stories but not the compulsion.

3. As a teenager, in order to impress a boy, I once described my grandparents as "ugly". I knew I has said something wrong when he flinched at my statement.

4. I like to fiddle with danger, red hot danger.

5. I don't get bored easily. Years ago, I had once stayed indoors for months.

6. I still enjoy dipping my bread in pap before stuffing it in my mouth.

7. One of my aunties is 3yrs old. No kidding.

8. I once read Gone With The Wind within 24hrs.

9. On my first journey out of Nigeria, I started out in a car, then got ferried across the waters and finished in a car. I returned on a bike.

10. First time I kissed a guy, I was 24yrs old.

11. I nurse the idea of a cosmetic surgery. A tummy tuck. And a boob job. I'm already a D cup.

12. Acting mischievous makes me feel like a child.

13. I'm easily attracted to a super smart guy...until I notice a flaw in his looks, like unusually big eyes. Or chipped dentition.

14. Staying inconspicuous in a crowd gives me a feeling of control.

15. Upon an annual vow, I once abstained from soft drinks from January through November. Then, I had a bottle in December, barely 3wks to the end of the year.

16. I can't think of one thing I'm afraid of. But there are plenty that make my heart skip.



dbthinks said...

LOL... Interesting stuff...I thought Shakespeare was cool too.. only i read it on my own accord!
Hmmm -- i once stayed indoors for a whole week -- not months tho..

Writefreak said...

Shakespeare at that age! wow...and you didn't drink coke for almost a year! Are you an epitome of self control or what?

Olufunke said...

Interesting Random posts!
Shakespeare.........I just found those 'English' to difficult to understand then.
You don't know anything you are afraid of? .......good o!
Nice blog

simeone said...

wonderin how u must hav felt on numba 15..interesting..

Deedo said...

simeone: I felt ok while the drink lasted. and as I reached for a glass of water 30mins after, I felt like a fool for having broken my vow